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How to Clean a Sex Doll - Maintenance Guide

Posted on April 09 2017

If you purchase a quality sex doll, you should be able to enjoy her for years to come. The key is to stay on top of routine maintenance, and to pay close attention to cleanliness. Do these things with care, and you will have an amazing time. Below, we have some best practices for doing just that.

Why You Should Clean Your Sex Doll?

Even if you wear a condom during sex, there is likely to be a small amount of transmission of fluids. Even sweat from touching or saliva from kissing can be problematic. The last thing you want is for your amazing sex doll to become a silicone petri dish. 

If you finish inside your doll, you will have even more reason to clean. If this feels unsanitary or invasive, please consider the advice above, and wear a condom. This will result in less mess, and make cleaning a bit easier.

Regular clean and keep dangerous bacteria at bay. It also quells any friction related damage that can result from your doll’s skin being less than clean.

How Often Should I Clean my Sex Doll

You should clean your doll without fail after each use. If you keep your doll in storage for long periods of time, bring it out once a month or so for an inspection and wipe down. You will be able to note and mitigate any moisture issues or other problems.

What Products do I Need to Clean my Sex Doll

There are two important considerations here. First, you have to consider bacteria and cleanliness. Next, remember that your doll will come into contact with the most intimate parts of your body. Chances are, you don’t want to involve harsh chemicals. These can also cause damage to your dolls delicate skin.

Fortunately, there are great products that are made just for cleaning sex dolls, and other toys. These will be body safe, and won’t damage your sex doll.

Anyone who owns a sex doll should get an antibacterial spray cleaner that is intended for sex toys. A sex toy spray with aloe is fine for silicone and other materials commonly used in sex-dolls and other toys. You can also try a foaming cleaner for more intense scrubbing and sudsing. Don’t forget a douche to clean out internal parts after use. Finally, consider a refresh powder for any realskin type products. This can prevent drying and cracking. 

Here are a few other items you should keep on hand. Some of them may be around your house:

  • Soft clothes that are lint free.
  • A bottle brush.
  • Mild shampoo.
  • Oil free makeup remover.

Step-by-Step Guide For Cleaning The Sex Doll


You’ll need a work surface that allows you to get your doll wet. If you have access to a shower, that’s even better. Grab some towels, and the cleaning supplies mentioned above.

How to clean Sex Doll

Cleaning The Holes — Vagina, Anus, And Mouth

There are no exceptions. If you  use an orifice, even for just a few seconds, you must clean it. That means:

  • Rinsing away any bodily fluids. Use the douche listed above. 
  • Irrigate with a sports bottle. A dedicated, sudsing cleanser is fine. So is a mild, soapy water solution. 
  • Use a soft bottle brush to ensure all is clean. Finally, rinse things well. 
  • Pat the exterior dry. Don’t put the doll away wet.

Cleaning Your Doll’s Face

If there’s been no mess, a mild wipe down with a barely damp cloth is fine. Some people enjoy putting makeup on their dolls. Use an oil free makeup remover for that. Be careful not to use a staining, oil based cleaner.

Cleaning Your Doll’s Hair

If there has been no mess, your doll’s hair does not need frequent cleaning. A simple shampoo and rinse works well. Many users prefer to wash their dolls' hair in the sink. Some dolls even fare quite well with shampoo in an aerosol can. Good news, if you purchase a quality doll with realistic hair, you can style it as you wish. That’s a great way to create a variety of looks to accommodate any fantasies you might have.

Drying Your Sex Doll After Cleaning

You should always dry your doll after cleaning it. A wet doll could create bacterial growth and a musty smell. Pat your doll dry, don’t rub her. Use a cloth that doesn’t pill or produce unsightly lint.

Things NOT to do When Cleaning Your Doll

Unfortunately, people have taken missteps, and seriously damaged their dolls. Here is a list of things to avoid:

  • Delaying the cleaning process: If microbes grow and reproduce your doll is ruined. There is no level of cleaning that will make it safe again.
  • Submerging a doll in water, especially one with electronic components.
  • Using anything oil based in or on your doll.
  • Putting your doll away wet.

How to Keep Your Doll Well Maintained

Treat your doll with care and respect. You will be rewarded with years of great sex.


Always support your doll properly when you carry and move it. Don’t drag or lift at her weakest points such as her elbows or neck. Otherwise, she could suffer from a dislocation. During sex, don’t be too rough. Don’t flex body parts against their natural movement. Do not strike your doll too hard, or twist or bend her. If it damages a human, it will likely damage your doll. This goes  doubly so for novelty dolls that are stuffed or inflatable.

Moving And Storage

If you need to move, pack your doll in a box, and ripe it in a blanket. This should stave off any damage from rough handling.

When it comes to storage, your options may vary. Some will keep a doll out in the open. Most do prefer something a bit more discrete. Some dolls come with a closing and locking storage chest. There are also special hangers. These can turn your closet into a great storage spot for your doll.

Do not store your doll with heaving clothing on. The dyes can leach out into your doll’s skin. Don’t place her in or near other items that could transfer colors and stains either. Keep in mind that these marks are almost always personal.

Replacing Parts of Your Sex Doll

What if a part breaks off, or simply wears down? Can these be replaced? How difficult is that to do? How much does it cost?

Good news! You can replace many parts yourself. Some of these repairs can be made using items from around your  house. For others, you might need to be replacement parts. 

How to Replace The Fingernails

If you can figure out how to place a set of fake nails on yourself, or someone else then you are in luck. This is all you have to do to replace your doll’s nails as well. Simply pull away any excess nail tissue, and clean your doll’s hands. Now, follow the instructions that come with the package of nails that you purchased.

This method is great for two reasons. First, the price cannot be beat. Second, this is a great idea to cover up broken nails, and to update the doll’s overall look.

How to Replace The Eyes

Before you do anything, determine if your doll has painted on eyes or not. If they do, you will need to deploy a bit of artistry to fix them. We do not recommend this unless you are very talented. Otherwise, this may be a job best left to the professionals. Talk to the doll manufacturer or seller. They should be able to help you find someone who can restore your dolls eyes.

In other cases, your doll will have eyes that are made to be swapped out. To do this, you will need to be an ear curette. This will help you to remove the existing eye carefully, then put in a new one while ensuring  you get a perfect fit.

Warning! Be careful as you do this. There are eye commissures in the eye sockets that hold the colorful eye lens in place. Do not break these!

How to Replace Loose Eyelashes

The best choice here is a simple, glue-down set of eyelashes. Simply place the new lashes right above the lash line. A good set of fake lashes will be expensive, but well worth it. They should come with a set of top and bottom lashes, and adhesive. 

Move slowly and deliberately. Play close attention to the alignment of the lashes. Do any excellent job, and your doll will look absolutely stunning.

Should You Send Your Doll Away?

There are some issues that will require you to go to a professional. If any part of the skeletal structure is broken, for example, you will need to go to a professional. Any parts that are electrical, internet connected, or both should only be taken apart or maintained by an expert.